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Explore a wide variety of Poly/Plastic Bags today. We offer multiple styles in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

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About Our Poly/Plastic Bag Products


Reclosable Poly Bags are the most common style of plastic bag. These bags seal with a locking plastic zipper mechanism. Hang Hole Bags are identical to Reclosable Poly Bags but they have a pre-made hole punched in the top. This creates the opportunity to hang the bag on pegboard hooks or by string. White Block Poly Bags are also identical to Reclosable Poly Bags but they have a white area printed in the middle. This area makes it easy to label the contents of the bags with a pen or marker. Resealable Poly Bags have an adhesive applied to the top flap. This press and seal adhesive creates a steady, but temporary, seal that can be opened and closed easily. Slider Zip Poly Bags have a zipper seal where a sliding mechanism assists in closure of the bag. Plastic Produce Bags come on a perforated roll. These lightweight bags can be easily tied off to carry content securely.

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